Have you ever thought of being a tourist? May be or may be not but probably you are one yet you do not know. How is this possible? There are different categories of tourists and it is possible that you fall in one of them. If you find yourself travelling out of your usual environment to another place whether for leisure, business, medical, education, adventure or any other purposes, then you should count yourself a tourist. But this is only if your stay does not exceed one consecutive year. Some people just think that tourism only involves going out of one’s country which is not true. Let us make the distinction clear by looking at categories of tourists. Read More →

While some people enjoy travelling, others find it such a daunting thing to do and will only travel where there is no other option left. However there is always some common feeling with the thought of having to visit a place for the first time. Whether you love travelling or you don’t, you will have to feel a little nervous. This is because you are not sure of what to expect. You fear that you may not find that warm welcome. There is also the fear of finding people on a different culture which may be hard for you to adapt to. You fear about making those many cultural faux pas. Language barrier can also make you tense when you are travelling to meet people with a totally different language. Similarly, your mind may not be open to new experiences especially if you are not used to going far away from home. This can be really dangerous. Read More →

Some people cannot imagine a life without having to travel around. It can be such a boring experience. This is why the tourism industry will continue to register growth because some people find fun and fulfillment in it. However, others find no fun in travelling and have to do so only if it is very necessary. This is why we are different. The diversity brings the meaning about life. If we were all the same, then probably the world could be such a boring place to live in. People choose to travel for various reasons. Some just want to explore nature, others travel to study, and some just want to visit friends, while others just go out with no specific reasons at all among many other reasons. But what does one gain from travelling? Read More →

What are the Best Surfing Holiday Destinations? Of late, there are many people who want to go on holidays so they can surf. As such, these people will definitely need to be educated on the best places that they can visit for this purpose. Before you go for a surfing holiday there are a number of factors that you need to consider. These are factors such as the location as well as the cost of travelling to the destination. Read More →